Embark on a remarkable journey of discovery with this marvelous DVD. It's an exploration of the Creator's handiwork that will allow you to survey the unimaginable size of the universe... and to ponder the vast energy present in all matter. Amazing images, fascinating narrative and excerpts from Scripture join to address such diverse marvels as the complexity of DNA, the functional miracle of avian flight... the stars above, the sea below and so much more. A feature-length Discovery-quality documentary without the evolutionary bias. Stunning nature footage, scientific insights and Scriptures combine to reveal the wonders of our Creator as observed throughout His creation. God's wonders surround us. And these marvels reveal much about our Creator. Through creation we glimpse His power and wisdom, His majesty and care. Creation is speaking to those who will listen... Explore the Creator's handiwork and what His creation reveals about His character. Survey the unimaginable size of the universe and ponder the vast energy present in all matter. Examine the elegant water molecule essential to all life and discover how God combines these molecules to form beautiful and symmetrical snow crystals. Learn about the incredible complexity of DNA and the miraculous workings of the tiny seed. From the design functionality of birds to the incredible transformation of butterflies, these and many other features of creation are highlighted in this visually stunning presentation. A beautiful soundtrack enhances this superb presentation for the entire family.

Genre: SPI

Rating: 4NR

Format: DVD

Release Date: 2010-04-01

Type: DVO

Title: God Of Wonders